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Entrance Exam

Entrance exam - enrollment of XIII generation users of initial training


Announcement of the Judicial Academy on the occasion of the event that occurred during the oral part of the entrance exam for the enrollment of the XIII generation of students, on September 13, 2023

You can view the announcement here

Belgrade, September 15, 2023



"Personality test is a common name for various questionnaires, projective techniques and tests which, in a standardized, objective and anonymous way, examine one or more dimensions of personality" - Ivan Vidanović "Dictionary of social work"

Excerpt from "Regulations on the content and method of taking the entrance exam - Article 11".

Candidates who have passed the written test proceed to take the personality test.
Along with the test, candidates also attach a closed identification form on which they indicate that they agree that the test and results can be viewed by members of the Commission or persons authorized by the Commission.

The expert who examines the test must give an explanation if the candidate receives an "unsatisfactory" grade on the test and inform the members of the Commission that makes the final decision about it.

The Commission makes its decision by majority vote. No member of the Commission can abstain. Minutes are drawn up about the progress and voting of the members of the Commission, which are signed by all the members of the Commission.
The personality test and the record are marked confidential and are kept in the archives of the Academy for 30 days from the day of the end of the entrance exam. After that deadline, they are destroyed.

Only the candidate can see the results of the personality test.

Short video instructions for candidates - how to fill out the rules and send the Personality Test



ALL candidates will take the "Personality Test" in ...., in the period from 10:00 to 11:00.

Candidates are obliged to send the completed test to the address, no later than 11:30 a.m.


Procedure of taking the personality test:


  1. Candidates will be sent an e-mail at 9:00 a.m. to the address through which they have communicated with the Judicial Academy until now, and from the address
  2. Check the TRASH and SPAM folders, if the candidate has not received the specified e-mail by 09:30, he should contact the number 0648690299 or the address
  3. The title of the e-mail will read: "Personality test, for candidates who applied for admission to the beginningtraining of the 13th generation of Judicial Academy trainees"

As an attachment to the e-mail, a PDF file will be added, within which it is possible to enter the required data/mark the answers to the offered questions, etc. under the name "Test-personality-13-generation.pdf"

After completing the test, the candidate is obliged,  to rename and save the completed file/test, by adding his CODE at the beginning of the file name, which he received when taking the written part of the entrance exam. /p>

The final file name should be e.g. BGXXXXXXXXX-Test-personalities-13-generation.pdf


Each candidate is obliged to keep the content of the test confidential and may not provide insight into the test to unauthorized persons.

Candidates are obliged to send the completed test to the address, no later than 11:30 with the subject  - in which they MUST enter the code from the written part of the entrance exam, e.g. :  BGXXXXXXXXX – Completed personality test.



We draw the attention of the candidates to read each question carefully. During the completion of the test, it is important that the candidate DOES NOT SKIP the questions, i.e. ANSWER every QUESTION.



Notice for candidates who took the personality test - 

on ...

Belgrade, ... years at ... hours



All candidates, who have passed the condition of passing the oral part of the entrance exam, according to Regulations on the method and content of the entrance exam (Articles 12., 13, and 14.), they are invited to view SCHEDULE TAKING THE ORAL PART OF THE ADMISSION EXAMINATION in order to be informed in time about the day and time of taking it, given that the exam will be taken ... on , i.e. ... September 2023.


Oral exam, all candidates take it in Belgrade - Judicial Academy building, Terazije street no. 41

 ... September 2023. year starting in  09:00 hours


The candidate is obliged to appear  at the latest 30 minutes before the designated time for writing the concept (especially important for candidates who are scheduled to take the test in the morning from 09:00 a.m.).




It is important that each candidate is informed in which group he is in, that is, at what time and on which day he is taking the exam. The groups are composed of three candidates. successfully passed the written part and the personality test, take it in Belgrade, in the building of the Judicial Academy, Terazije no. 41.


The live broadcast can be watched via the official YouTube channel of the Judicial Academy:


In accordance with Article 26. Law on the Judicial Academy , Article 41. Statute of the Judicial Academy  ; and Article 17.  Rulebook on the content and method of taking the entrance exam, enrolls ... participants in the initial training of the twelfth generation.



Total results from the entrance exam

The results were published on .... September  2023 at ... hours


Ranking list of candidates based on final grade

 The results were published on .... September  2023 at ... hours


OBJECTION (Regulations on the content and method of taking the entrance exam examination - Article 17.)


Objection to the established ranking list of candidates, based on the final grade


Final ranking list of candidates for admission to the XII generation of students of the Judicial Academy

The list was published on ... September 2023 at ... hours


In this way, we would like to answer several of the most frequently asked questions, in order to give the answers as precisely as possible and reduce the confusion of interested candidates.

Insert image with test number

The test number was drawn ...


Candidates will take exams in the Library of the Judicial Academy.  Candidates who are waiting for the exam or preparation can watch the oral part of the exam, through a live broadcast which is provided, in the entrance hall of the Academy, on the first floor.

In order to increase transparency, the Judicial Academy will broadcast live the passing of the oral part of the entrance exam. The broadcast will be streamed via the official YouTube channel. >Judicial Academies - Channel Belgrade.



For the oral part of the entrance exam, a commission with the following composition was appointed:

  1. Branka Dražić, judge of the Supreme Court of Cassation
  2. Bojana Paunović, judge of the Supreme Court of Cassation
  3. Irena Vuković, judge of the Court of Appeal in Belgrade
  4. Mladen Nenadić, prosecutor for organized crime
  5. Leposava Vujanović Porubović, deputy public prosecutor in the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade

О нама


Independent, impartial, professional, efficient and accountable judiciary.


Create the prerequisites for the development of professionalism in holders of judiciary office by establishing clear, measurable and objective criteria for the election and career advancement and their training and professional development, in line with core values and principles the judiciary system is founded on.


Develop and conduct training programmes for holders of judiciary offices and other staff in the judiciary system, aimed at acquiring new knowledge and its promotion, development of special abilities and skills, to contribute to strengthening of professional and accountable judiciary system.


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