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Normative framework

The normative framework consists of a series of legal regulations on the basis of which the Judicial Academy and other judicial institutions were founded and organized, as well as the legal regulation that determined the jurisdiction, organization and composition of courts and prosecutor's offices. A significant part of the content is represented by the most important strategic documents in the process of European integration.

Acts of the Academy

A set of judicial laws

Strategic documents


Contact details of the person for the protection of personal data of the Judicial Academy

Marija Milaković
Terazije 41, 11103 Belgrade - PAK 107003
+381 11 2184 030


О нама


Independent, impartial, professional, efficient and accountable judiciary.


Create the prerequisites for the development of professionalism in holders of judiciary office by establishing clear, measurable and objective criteria for the election and career advancement and their training and professional development, in line with core values and principles the judiciary system is founded on.


Develop and conduct training programmes for holders of judiciary offices and other staff in the judiciary system, aimed at acquiring new knowledge and its promotion, development of special abilities and skills, to contribute to strengthening of professional and accountable judiciary system.


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