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Abuses in public procurement and the methodology of red flags

Novi Sad
Judicial Academy

On June 4 and 5, 2024, the Judicial Academy and USAID's Project for the Improvement of Public Procurement organized a two-day training session at the Prezident Hotel in Novi Sad entitled: "Abuses in public procurement and the methodology of red flags".

The training was intended for public prosecutors, public prosecutor's assistants/associates and police officers from the area of ​​Novi Sad appeal.

The training covered the following topics:
-    Presentation of the Manual for the application of risk assessment methodology in public procurement for prosecutors and the police,
-    The application of general and special red flags on the Public Procurement Portal and the presentation of the Report intended for the police and prosecutor's office on the implementation of the Manual for the application of risk assessment methodology in public procurement,
-    Use of available filters on the Portal and application of the risk matrix (display of sections on the Portal, examples of data processing using filters, application of the risk matrix according to the data on the Portal, monitoring of data through the stages of public procurement) - practical work,
-    Using data from the Portal when acting on criminal reports - examples of monitoring cases - practical work,
-    Public procurement forensics,
-    Potential abuses in the preparation phase for planning public procurement procedures and drafting and adopting the Public Procurement Plan,
-    Potential abuses in the phase of implementation of procurement procedures to which the Law on Public Procurement does not apply,
-    Potential abuses in the process of preparing tender documents  including technical specifications,
-    Potential abuses in the implementation of the public procurement procedure, expert evaluation of bids with reference to legal protection,
-    Pointing out potential abuses in the elements of public procurement contracts, execution and changes to contracts.

The lecturers were:
-    Professor Dr. Marko Špiler, consultant of USAID's Project for the Improvement of Public Procurement,
-    Daliborka Srećkov, consultant of USAID's Public Procurement Improvement Project.

Abuses in public procurement and methodology of red flags - Source: Judicial Academy

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