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Training on the topic: "Sexual violence - challenges in proving and understanding the position of the victim"

Judicial Academy

The Judicial Academy, as part of the project "Let's stop violence - support changes" implemented by UNDP, organized a one-day training on the topic of sexual violence and challenges in proving and understanding the victim's position for public prosecutors of higher public prosecution offices from the area of ​​the Appellate Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade and judges of higher courts. from the area of ​​the Court of Appeal in Belgrade.

The training was held on May 16, 2024 at the Mona Plaza Hotel in Belgrade.

The goal of the training was to increase the capacities of the criminal justice system for the investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses with elements of sexual violence, as well as to improve the existing mechanisms for the protection of victims of sexual violence during criminal proceedings in accordance with international standards and domestic legislation.

The lecturers at the training were:
-    Gorjana Mirčić Čaluković, Judicial Academy,
-    Slađana Jovanović, Faculty of Law, Union University in Belgrade.

The seminar covered the topics of multisectoral cooperation as a prerequisite for the effective implementation of criminal proceedings, European standards in defining and proving criminal acts related to sexual violence, and innovations in the approach and understanding of victims of sexual violence.

Training on the topic: "Sexual violence - challenges in proving and understanding the position of the victim" - Source: Judicial Academy

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