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The OSCE is a European organization for security and cooperation. It has a comprehensive approach to security that includes political-military, economic and environmental and human aspects. It therefore deals with a wide range of security issues, including arms control measures, confidence and security measures, human rights, national minorities, democratization, police strategies, counter-terrorism, and economic and environmental activities.

The organization has 57 member countries that enjoy equal status, and decisions are made by consensus on a political but not legally binding basis.

In order to help Serbia build strong, independent, accountable and efficient democratic institutions, the OSCE Mission works with Government institutions, civil society and the media in the areas of rule of law and human rights, law enforcement, democratization and media development. It also collaborates with other missions in the region on joint projects and initiatives.

The OSCE Mission, Department of Democratization, implemented a project with the Academy concerning the continuation of the training of trainers of eight selected judges for training in the field of discrimination, as well as a round table for judges working in the judicial practice departments of all four appellate courts with the aim of harmonizing judicial practice in these cases. 

Through its programs, the OSCE helped implement a cycle of trainings dedicated to Misuse in public procurement, as well as the presentation of the Law on the Organization and Competence of State Authorities in Suppression of Organized Crime, Corruption and Terrorism.

Also, with the support of the OSCE, a series of training sessions for trainers was held, thus contributing to the expansion of the list of lecturers of the Academy in the field of organized crime from the ranks of prosecutors.

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Independent, impartial, professional, efficient and accountable judiciary.


Create the prerequisites for the development of professionalism in holders of judiciary office by establishing clear, measurable and objective criteria for the election and career advancement and their training and professional development, in line with core values and principles the judiciary system is founded on.


Develop and conduct training programmes for holders of judiciary offices and other staff in the judiciary system, aimed at acquiring new knowledge and its promotion, development of special abilities and skills, to contribute to strengthening of professional and accountable judiciary system.


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