Author: The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia
Location: Belgrade

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of everyday functioning of all of us to a large degree. We often cannot help feeling that we are missing some important opportunities in the work, on travels, in education … But the truth is that a crisis is always also an opportunity for innovation. Thus, during the state of emergency due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the primary and secondary school pupils attend the distance learning programmes, which are broadcast on the channel three of the Radio and Television of Serbia, which has largely been enabled by the funds of the European Union.
On 30 March, the beneficiaries of the Judicial Academy of the Republic of Serbia also joined the pupils in the use of the digital platforms for the provision of instruction.

Author: Judicial Academy
Location: Belgrade

As of 2017, the Judicial Academy, in cooperation with the EU and the USAID projects, has been developing new applications in order to improve the methodology of implementation of the adopted curricula and to introduce innovative methods of work, such as „distance training“. The new equipment that the Judicial Academy got through the EU–IPA project by the end of 2019 enabled setting up of the Data Centre for the support to the developed applications..