Disciplinary liability of judges

Author: Judicial Academy
Location: Novi Sad

On 8 Nov. 2019, in the hall of the Appellate Court in Novi Sad, the Judicial Academy and the High Judicial Council, with the support of the IPA 2016 Project ”EU for Serbia – Support to the High Judicial Council“, provided the training on: ,,Disciplinary liability of judges“.


Disciplinary liability of judges - Source: Judicial Academy

The topics that were covered were:
• Harmonization of the national legal framework with international standards
• The rights of the judge against whom a disciplinary proceeding is conducted
• Disciplinary liability (the objective and the legal nature)
• The position of a judge/a president of a court in disciplinary proceedings
• Disciplinary misdemeanours (there will be misdemeanours), disciplinary sanctions and relieve of duty.

The training course was attended by the judges of the basic and high courts from the territory of the Novi Sad appellate jurisdiction.

The lecturers were:
- Mrs. Cveta Kajević Grubišić, Judge of the Basic Court in Vršac and a member of the Disciplinary Commission of the HJC
- Mr. Savo Đurić, Judge of the Appellate Court in Novi Sad and a member of the HJC
- The training course was also attended by the supervisors Mrs. Ivana Simić and Mrs. Tamara Tomašević.